December 12, 2019

Makin’ bacon with the Pig

Peppa Pig that is!  It’s live tour #3 for the Nick Jr. favorite AND yours truly and it’s honestly one of my favorite voiceover jobs.  The delivery is so happy and upbeat and that style is what brings me the most joy.  Behind the scenes it’s pretty simple, I read copy for a :60, :30 and :15 Radio and TV commercial and then as dates are set we go back into the studio to fill in the city, venue and ticket copy (where to purchase).  Sometimes the tour is up to 40 or 50 cities so it’s a big job but so much fun because I’m also working with one of my favorite studios, Bill Young Productions and their team is top notch.  The latest, “Peppa Pig’s Adventure”  is headed to the US and Canada in 2020 and you can hear more by clicking the play button here.  Hope that cheerful delivery brings you a little joy too.

‘Tis the season for all things SPARKLY…
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