September 12, 2019

My First National Booking

From audition to final recording this VO job was a memorable one.  It was my first National booking and I was so proud of the accomplishment.  I’d just started working with a new voiceover coach, Mary Lynn Wissner and she had really challenged me to tap into the softer side of my voice.  A tough task for a talent who’s often hired for that upbeat, cheerful delivery.  This is why coaching is so important.  Just like a personal trainer gets your body in shape a VO coach gets your voice in shape.  They challenge you to try new things, give great constructive criticism as well as insight into current trends.  Her direction and encouragement worked.  I booked it and went on to record with a top ad agency here in Houston, a team that was conferenced in from Chicago and a fantastic producer behind the board at Audio Bob Studios.  It was a great experience and the spot is a personal favorite.  

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